Welcome to the Cheney Kitchen…

The Cheney kitchen isn’t really one kitchen.  It is quite a few kitchens, wherever there is a Cheney.

But there is one very important Cheney, who is the originator, the energy behind the food,

The One Who Started It All. 

That is our oldest and most distinguished member: 

Richard E. Cheney, cook extraordinaire.

Dad at work making what will be steaming baskets of blueberry muffins

This Sunday is very special.  We will all gather to celebrate Dad’s 90th birthday.  Elyn’s job is angel food cake.  You can find the recipe on the blog page –  it is a very special one that we have often made for birthdays, a light, home-made angel food cake that Dad likes to have with Caramel icing, but this Sunday, since the raspberries are in high season, we will celebrate with raspberries in a terrine.

How many candles? Let's see... 1,2,3,4,5...90?

It’s pretty special when a great cook turns 90.  So we all want to wish you a


What happens after all the cooking...