Virginia – The Better Half Cook

If Dad has a page, Ginny needs a page all to herself too.  Not only does she have dozens of fantastic recipes, she is the mastermind of breakfast.  Breakfast is not just breakfast with Ginny at home, but it is an Occasion.  A glorious repast.  A sight for sore eyes.

Ginny is the one who has one secret recipe – it is a recipe for pinecone pancakes.  They are not made with pinecones, although some would believe otherwise, but are from the Pinecone Ranch out west.  If you want the recipe, you have to marry one of us.

One of the famous strawberry tarts

Fresh fruit tarts are often on the table in the summer.  Ginny makes current jam to spread on the top of them, and is it good!

If you put a little red current jam on top of fresh strawberries in a tart, you have a culinary delight for dessert.

She will be sharing her recipe for tart dough and secrets in the coming week.